Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sometimes when things are blurry (as above) you see things is not so bad as it seems through your eyes.
(BTW its Collin on a night of spontaneous practice in the Goldman Family household.)

Tait Deemas, Aaron Sleadd and Alex playing before the Jr. speech club rejoined together....check it (Jr. Tournament) out at other family blogs....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jr. Tournament 2008

Esther Anderson, Cassie...duo partners...cousins and close friends.

The boys...Jonathan, William, Levi and Jared...all cousins and buddies too.

Murren, Abigail and Mailee....oh cousins as well! Friends as well.

William with his expository board on signs.

I think he had too much fu...HA

He did an awesome job....he tied with his cousin (Mercy) and there had to be a tie breaker. Pretty exciting!

All cousins....pretty funny! Notice all the pretty guess....YEP Grandma Dot went shopping for the tournament! :)

We had a wonderful time at the NCFCA Jr. Speech Tournament here in Medford yesterday! God is faithful and we are so happy....with the children and all the work they did for this event. Cassie and Esther got 2nd place in duo, Twins (Mailee and Murren) got 3rd place in the duo. William 2nd place in Expository, Mailee 3rd place in poem, Murren made it to the break in Scripture. They had fun and I know it is helping them in their "future stations in life!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mix of Pix's

These young men put the "man" in Workman! Thanks Pastor 'Uncle' Kenny for teaching these guys how to study the Bible these past few weeks. BTW there are girls in the Workman calss but they were not ready for the picture, nails, clothes ect. HA All the kids are learning a lot and are very excited about this opportunity. They are watching Mark Keiler videos.
Devin, David, Kolten, Samuel, Collin and Alex.

Will, Cassie, Esther, Mailee and Murren....outside the church...CCC.

Just a sweet picture of Jeb. Notice the cute way his smile curves down...just like his awesome daddy!! (By the way and his Aunt Heather and many of the Troy Anderson Family kids mouths do the same thing...funny huh)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Pictures of Jebediah

Jeb is growing up I seem to say every time I post! He is already crawling at 6 months. Ahhh! We all love him very much. We enjoy his smiles, and love the way he LOVES music! That is a great Goldman trait!
Anna took him out this morning and took these pictures, they are sweet. Enjoy

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chole's Day

We have some fairly new but very dear friends, The Goodrich Family. They invited us to be a part of their "Team Chloe" fundraiser for their daughter Chloe. Chloe's an adorable 10 year old girl who is undergoing treatment for cancer. We were blessed to be asked to play at her school fundraiser and see all the love shown through the money that was raised. Kevin, was so sweet to make this video clip and make this little video. For me it's fun to see what is happening on video....I don't really see during the performance. I am totally blown away by Alex and his ability! All the kids are amazing, true...but :)! Enjoy, and thanks Kevin!

Remember to tell those you love, that you love them!!

Life is short - love, serve, rejoice, give and seek the Father!

Jazz Jubilee 2008 - Medford, Oregon

Mom and Dad (Grandma Dot and Grandpa Ken) took us Goldman's to the Jazz Jubilee here in Medford yesterday. It was awesome! Though it was a bit different than our bluegrass genre, it was great! As always they spoiled us completely. Food, gifts and a ton of love!!! We were glad to have (nephew and cousin) David with us as well. He is an excellent piano player. I think we were all inspired. Much can be done with music. May all our family use music for FOR HIS GLORY!!! I wish I had some pics but, well I don't as of right now :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

There has been NO Flu vaccine success...NONE

This was taken for my dad's blog ...
If you need some AWESOME tidbits or ideas on health and wellness check out his blog...
and NOW!! :)
Health feels really great!
No Flu vaccine success...NONE

New research on the flu vaccine is confirming something I've been saying for years – the vaccine's effectiveness, particularly among the elderly, has been greatly exaggerated.

The Group Health Center for Health Studies in Seattle recently analyzed previous studies on the flu vaccine and found that researchers were mostly looking at healthy patients who were active and able to get to their doctors' offices each year for a shot.

They weren't using – or basing their analysis on – a representative sample of America's elderly population. And if you're only analyzing relatively healthy people, the results are going to be skewed positive.

This research puts a little more fertilizer on the seeds of doubt planted four years ago by a Dutch study that has been the only one with a large number of patients getting placebos. That one found that the vaccine prevented flu about 57 percent of the time for folks between the ages of 60-69, but that the rate plummeted to 23 percent for those over 70. For four decades, public health authorities have strongly advised the vaccine for people over 65. Fortunately, some researchers are starting to wonder why, despite a big increase in the number of elderly getting the flu vaccine in recent decades, there hasn't been a corresponding decline of the death rate in this age group.

Here's the truth: the vaccine is not a cure-all. It's based on a best guess of what this year's flu strain will be – and there's no guarantee vaccine makers will guess correctly. Docs need to give their patients an honest assessment of what the flu vaccine can – and can not – do, and also show them how to build their immune systems with vitamins, exercise and better food choices.


So why do some faithfully go and put poison in their bodies and in the little helpless bodies their children?? Question it! There is an option.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jebediah Victor

He's handsome, sweet, cuddly, funny, cute and now he is 5 months old. We all truly LOVE having Jebediah as the smallest addition to the Goldman Family! He is sitting up on his own (for a few seconds) standing up on the crib (for a few), laughs, and in the great Goldman tradition he spits up very consistently! HA Praise God for babies!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Twins!

Kaila and Anna made this very pretty and very YUMMY cake....thanks girls!

Today my little twins turn 8 years old! We are so blessed to have Mailee and Murren in our family. They bring such joy, laughter, love and surprise to the Goldman Family.
We had a great party yesterday for them. They were showered with many wonderful things. They were so happy (and still even now are excited)! They are going through their stuff, wearing new clothes. This morning they ran out as soon as they woke up to get their new Bibles so they could read them. Again thanks to all.

Mailee and Murren we love you soooooo much! Look to Christ as you grow and lean on Him as your comfort, strength and true love!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodbye Clouds

Parting is such sweet sorrow~ Saying goodbye to Uncle John and Aunt Ginger.....we miss them already.

Destiny, Anna and Grandpa Ken......they love him so much (we all do) He's the BEST!!!!

Aunt Ginger and Anna saying goodbye for now. Anna wont' grow anymore for Aunt Ginger's sake!! Love you both, drive safely home to Arizona and give our love to all the family there.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Life is movin' FAST! 2008

Alex still improves everyday on the fiddle....we are SOOOOOOOO blessed and proud of him! Plus this picture is really cool!

Friends from Grants Pass and Family from Washington play basketball with this big crazy family...."A.G.K." was great! (A.G.K. stands for Anderson, Goldman and Kruse...or America's Growing Kingdom)

Well, we have been playing at Nursing homes, Festivals and at the Eagle Point Library....our busy summer singing schedule is done! Although we have a few thing on the list up and coming. Great news our CD is close to being done too! Steve (daddy) has been working really hard!

Grandpa Ken serves up a beauty! He is awesome! Playing volleyball with all the cousins and the "Great" Clouds was the best! We have been loving having Aunt Ginger and Uncle John visit from Arizona for the past week or so!

Jeb thinks he old enough to sit up on his 4 months old!! ahhhh! Thanks to Emma who encouraged him at school (co-op school) he is doing it for a little while.

Daddy and Jebediah in their fancy clothes!!!! Oh yes, check out the bow ties and the red roses!!! Best of all please check out the smiles!!! My men are soooo CUTE!

OK, Jebediah really is sitting alone~amazing! But best of all he is in the Lighting Queen jammie outfit!!! William was so glad! Check Will's blog if you doubt he really likes McQueen :) !

School has been awesome....4 weeks down we are into our 5th week!! It's been so fun and rewarding! The kids are super!!! Jodi and Liisa are amazing teachers. We love the curriculum...Classical Conversations, Veritas Press, Shurley English, Latin, Saxon math and well ect. ect. ect, for the rest (Jodi picked it all out)! We are making memories and history (as well as brains) with these blessed children of ours!

God has been good...He has been Great...we are BLESSED!!!! May you be blessed too!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Uncle John and Aunt Ginger are HERE!

We are soooo excited that Uncle John and Aunt Ginger have come to visit us all the way from Arizona! The kids (mine as well as the cousins) love these two so very much. I know we will all be having a wonderful time with them these next several days.....we always do!
I am humbled, God has blessed us with such an amazing family, I love our family!! :)
Surely there will be posts soon of things we are all doing together with these two loved ones by many of the kids. Stay tuned! Well, unless we are too busy!!! HA
Anyway, I was thinking.....may God bless all the tight, close families out there. Although if you come from a family not so close, no worries ok, God can start, renew, restore or start a fresh! He is a great God and all things are possible. Just now love your family, the family. He has you born into a specific family for a reason...and you can make a difference...Good or Bad!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Centennial Play Pictures

I know pictures have been posted of the remarkable Centennial Play...but remember there were 24 cousins and then 5 friends that were in this fabulous play!!! :) These are all out of order...but fun to see just the same! Enjoy! Any questions...well, just send them to Kaila!

Kaila preparing the herd!!!

Destiny was a beautiful star....they all did all did amazing!!!

Liisa doing makeup on Levi...make daddy proud extra blush and lipstick for that boy! :)

Josh, Karissa, Emma, Kaila and Destiny (I was so happy Kaila was in the play...after all she wrote the whole thing!)

Getting ready...HAIR is very important and hairspray even more!!! When I walked into that bathroom the fumes were sooo strong. One spark and they would all have been blackened!!!
Karissa, Mercy, Ellie, Destiny, Murren and Mailee.

Cassie Marie before the play.....nervous...nope?

Mommy and Jeb....hard to see but he has the frills on his shirt that all the boys have! Someone asked before the play "how old is she!!!" AHHHH!!! Granny and the girls did a ton of sewing for this event!

Emma, Josh, Destiny and Creighton.

Behind the scenes, (well so to say) Steve, Carla and Dylan doing sound and lights.

The Minuet dance of Cassie, Mercy and Esther

After the play.....Katrina and Mailee Lynn

Just a picture...none of these are in sad!
Tessa, Destiny, Emma, Ellie, Anna and Alex

Alex and Collin playing
"Hop the Fence" Chris Thile....during a scene change.

Collin....the perfect fit, his old fashioned outfit and the mandolin. It was a great tune him and Alex played together!

Pastor his Awesome mini sermon before the play!!

My two big boys arguing...ahhhhh

The fight scene....Travis said he wished there was more...but one death is enough.
OK I cried on the practices, and the real play...every time!

This was very neat....Tait and Alex....impromptu music it was awesome!

Tessa, David, Anna and Alex...the table scene...or something like that. :)

Alex....doing his "easy part" for the play

The song America the Beautiful

Drummers for the opening song....Jonathan, Levi, Jared and William