Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodbye Clouds

Parting is such sweet sorrow~ Saying goodbye to Uncle John and Aunt Ginger.....we miss them already.

Destiny, Anna and Grandpa Ken......they love him so much (we all do) He's the BEST!!!!

Aunt Ginger and Anna saying goodbye for now. Anna wont' grow anymore for Aunt Ginger's sake!! Love you both, drive safely home to Arizona and give our love to all the family there.


Vickie said...

This made me cry all over again seeing their pics and knowing that they were leaving in the morning. Be safe and love you my sweet sister and brother John and Brandye...

Grandma of Many said...

I miss them also until
Ginger told me she went to a town with tons of antique stores without me. How could she??? Ha! Just kidding. I do miss them. Thanks for the pictures Tami. Love, Mom

Ginger said...

It was so hard saying goodbye to all of you...and these "Clouds" will definelty drift back up to Oregon really soon. We had so much fun seeing all of you.

PS..yes Dottie it was good to antique with you and I know you would have had fun in Pomono too!!

Love all of you.