Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cute kids! At the Zoo

Free rides at the Zoo! That is if your big brother is as strong Williams...thanks Alex for the help!!! Those little legs get worn out.

Anna...with the sea lion. It was pretty neat! But we were all glad that the glass was very Strong!!
Look in the background....see why Murren is so happy, the Rhino! She was glad he came out, he was hiding the first time we went by to see him.Mailee, funny little picture here with her other favorite animal! Oh sweet kisses!

Cassie and her beloved Penguins!!

Collin searching the best way to get around the Zoo. He like maps! Or is he taking us to the food court? LOL
Guess it was getting time to head for the van...the animal is coming out in Daddy HA!!!!

I thought these were some cute picture of the kids at the I thought I would blog Em'!