Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Grandma Dot and Grandpa Ken!

Totally spoiled, loved, prayed over, taken care of, and made to feel like the Grandma Dot and Grandpa Ken!!!!!
If there is ever a question on how you should be as a grandparent...I say call these two and get some pointers! We are sooooooooo blessed to have them as our children's Grandparents. This is what God had in mind I am sure for Grandparents. A godly heritage is awesome!

Emmons Family

This pictures was taken at a Nickel Creek concert last year 2006. We had the great privilege to be able to sit with fellow bluegrassers...The Emmons Family who had gotten there before us and got great spots! We had an awesome time. You ought to check them out at and hear them sing
Thanks girls. We love to see others families doing what the Lord has called them to do...even if it's weird! LOL Bluegrass...mmmm? Ha!
Way to go Emmons!

Monday, April 9, 2007

True Love!

Crater Lake 2006

I love these crazy kids!! They make life so fun. This is at Crater Lake

Four Sweet Daughters

My four little princesses. We are so blessed!