Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Twins!

Kaila and Anna made this very pretty and very YUMMY cake....thanks girls!

Today my little twins turn 8 years old! We are so blessed to have Mailee and Murren in our family. They bring such joy, laughter, love and surprise to the Goldman Family.
We had a great party yesterday for them. They were showered with many wonderful things. They were so happy (and still even now are excited)! They are going through their stuff, wearing new clothes. This morning they ran out as soon as they woke up to get their new Bibles so they could read them. Again thanks to all.

Mailee and Murren we love you soooooo much! Look to Christ as you grow and lean on Him as your comfort, strength and true love!!


Ginger said...

Happy Birthday to the Twins Mailee and Murren. Wow....the Big 8...that is a really fun time in everyone's life. You are so sweet looking and that cake is looking mighty yummy!! Love you and I know you are two really SPECIAL girls who are dearly loved by everyone. Happy Birthday!

David Kruse said...

"Happy Birthday toooo Youuuuuuu!!!!!"
Wish I could of been there. Oh, I was! It was fun and I have enjoyed watching you two grow up. Your parents did a great job! God Bless.

In Christ,

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday to you twinsies and what a cool cake that is purple and pink. Love you both...

Grandma of Many said...

My sweet little Mailee an Murren - Happy Birthday once again. Your cake was beautiful, we had such a great time at your party and the movie, Fire Proof. I can't believe you two are 8 years old.
As Grandpa Great used to say, Happy Birthday to the M&M twins. Love, Grandma Dot