Sunday, April 6, 2008

Family, Friends and Daddy's 40th Birthday!

The birthday boy!!! The greatest husband, father, friend and 4o year old in the World!!! It was not easy trying to pull off a surprise with this guy, but we did pretty good! It was soooo much fun! Everyone was awesome to come, thanks for making it special. We had some entertainment by the audience (karaoke) , yummy food (thanks to mom, Liisa and her girls), great fellowship and yep Steve got some great gifts! Steve felt very loved thanks so much.

One of Steve's favorite fun things is Kenny set it up for the party! And along with that Kenny has some AGE appropriate jokes ready to fire off! What a surprise! He never stops!
Steve sang wonderful of course, it did not matter that he turned 40 years, old he can still make me smile big and proud when he sings....ahhhhh I love him! (This is Tami typing ya know!) :)

Aaron and Alexa Sleadd did great, must have learned some tricks on singing from their daddy!!

Twins Mailee and Murren had fun at the karaoke too!

The girls sang together....I guess less stress with more friends singing along :) Emma, Tessa, Mercy Anna, and Ellie.

Mr. Sleadd was a true hit! Wow what a great voice! I think he has had a little practice was great fun!
Of course when they are together and their is an instrument or two these friends love playing music! Dylan, Tait and Alex.

Wonderful friends Dan and Sheryl, we met them at the Growers Market a couple years ago. We love them like family!
Steve and little sister Jackie with her sweetie Helen

Sisters with baby on the way! Jackie, Kelli (both Steve's sisters) and Tami (his wifie). What a blessing God gives in the gift of life and babies, but how great it will be to be done and holding the little one in our arms!! Jackie 8 weeks #2, Kellie 35 weeks #2 and Tami 37 weeks pregnant #8.

Goldman's (except for Alex) and cousin Helen

Day after the 40th birthday party Daddy still makes an AMAZING breakfast! And this time he was looking really fancy in his new Over the Hill hat! And apron made by Anna.