Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Girls!

Today Mailee and Murren turned 7 years old!
I love you girls you are a blessing from the Lord!
More said on my blog....Mommy :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Boys with Ida Viper

We made it home safe!

We had a great time at the festival! It was cold at night but the daytime was not too bad. It was great to play and we did sell DVD's yippee.
Another great thing was the boys got to join a really good band Ida Viper, for three songs on their set (see picture above). The band came up to us after we performed and said they thought it was a CD playing when we first started. They really liked the boys. They played more swing style stuff, so that was a real blast for the boys! Collin learned new chords real quick, they again were surprised. God is great to give the boys these opportunities! It was so neat to watch Collin, he was really enjoying the swing style, and Smiling!!!! We all know that is amazing! HA! Alex was having fun too, it was late when they played around 11:30p.m...but worth it for sure.

Collin in his "band". They one 1st place in the band scramble's fun. These people get 30 min to come up with a band name, figure out 2 songs to play, and make it sound well practiced. It's fun to watch.
Cassie's band, in the band scramble. They got 2nd. place! All because of her...LOL