Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pictures from Tournament

Before Awards were announced these young people led worship. Aaron, Tait, Dylan, Natalie and Alex. It was beautiful! Alex said this was the the Best time he had during the tournament....I am not surprised! :) The worship was always wonderful every morning and it really set the scene for the rest of the day.

The competing Cousins...well Devin was missing. Are they a good looking bunch or what?? YEP!

Collin and Anna. Collin won 3rd. in Expository and Anna won 3rd in Open Interpretation.

Anna said she wanted to place so bad, not for herself but for Grandma Dot. She said she spent so much money and she did not want to let her sweet! For you Grandma Dot~!!!

All the cousins get so happy for each other! They all are so encouraging. Anna, Destiny and Karissa.

Anna and friend Tessa. Before the awards were announced....the butterflies were flying for sure!

It was a blessing to see all these young people do their different speeches and do so well. The community judges that came, (from all over town) were all blessed by the children too. Many of the judges said over and over they could not believe the kindness and support the kids showed to one another. There was prayer in the halls for one another before they would compete and there was much fun playing games when in between speeches. Kids from 7 years old to young adults 20 playing games together. It was a great tournament. I do believe Jesus was glorified and that is the whole point of life!!!! I hope to figure out how to post some of the videos of the speeches here soon, I'm having tech difficulties.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Jared!

The handsome cousin, nephew and good friend Jared is 7 years old today!! Wow! He loves and is so good at chess. Jared is always happy, ready to play and have fun in life. He's so handsome too! He is doing so good on his speech, (thanks so much to Great Aunt Vickie). He loves his time of school with her. The funny picture is him was taken when he was doing his speech at the junior tournament...getting ready to spit out his water after brushing, it was great!
Well, happy birthday Jared the Goldman Family loves you very MUCH! God bless you this year. Can't wait for you party...hey what are you wanting anyway?