Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jr. Tournament 2008

Esther Anderson, Cassie...duo partners...cousins and close friends.

The boys...Jonathan, William, Levi and Jared...all cousins and buddies too.

Murren, Abigail and Mailee....oh cousins as well! Friends as well.

William with his expository board on signs.

I think he had too much fu...HA

He did an awesome job....he tied with his cousin (Mercy) and there had to be a tie breaker. Pretty exciting!

All cousins....pretty funny! Notice all the pretty guess....YEP Grandma Dot went shopping for the tournament! :)

We had a wonderful time at the NCFCA Jr. Speech Tournament here in Medford yesterday! God is faithful and we are so happy....with the children and all the work they did for this event. Cassie and Esther got 2nd place in duo, Twins (Mailee and Murren) got 3rd place in the duo. William 2nd place in Expository, Mailee 3rd place in poem, Murren made it to the break in Scripture. They had fun and I know it is helping them in their "future stations in life!"


Grandma of Many said...

Tami - thanks for posting those wonderful pictures. What little angels and handsome boys. They all did so well in everything. By the way, for the readers, the twins did Parent Trap (how cute), Cassie and Esther did Sleeping Beauty, and Mercy and Abigail (who got first) did Helen Keller. Abigail was Helen Keller and Mercy the teacher. Great job on all 3 duos. I wouldn't want to guess who would get which place. They all deserved first to me. All the boys did a great job too. Love, Grandma Dot

Grandma of Many said...

Oh, by the way that Will was a ham! He loved doing his expos and did such a wonderful job. Mercy did her expos on cats and also did great. Isn't Will handsome in that cute little suit!!! Grandma Dot

Vickie said...

Great job and they all look great...

Ginger said...

Wish John and I could have been there to see their tournament. I know they all did an excellent job. The dresses are really cute too and the boys look really spiffy! Love you all and thanks for the pictures.