Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mix of Pix's

These young men put the "man" in Workman! Thanks Pastor 'Uncle' Kenny for teaching these guys how to study the Bible these past few weeks. BTW there are girls in the Workman calss but they were not ready for the picture shot...hair, nails, clothes ect. HA All the kids are learning a lot and are very excited about this opportunity. They are watching Mark Keiler videos.
Devin, David, Kolten, Samuel, Collin and Alex.

Will, Cassie, Esther, Mailee and Murren....outside the church...CCC.

Just a sweet picture of Jeb. Notice the cute way his smile curves down...just like his awesome daddy!! (By the way and his Aunt Heather and many of the Troy Anderson Family kids mouths do the same thing...funny huh)