Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sabbath Meal With Anderson Family

We had an awesome time last night at the Kenny Anderson's house. They invited us over for their Sabbath feast. And it was a feast! Kenny did some awesome sermons a while back on the importance of the sabbath in his series of The Ten Commandments. So, they have been really faithful to make each Saturday night a special Sabbath meal and honor Jesus Christ together. I loved to be a part of that with them last night. The food was awesome! Steak, salad, bread, green beans, stuffed potatoes, sparkling cider (or wine if old enough or not pregnant HA) then brownies and ice-cream with chocolate or caramel syrup on top. The fellowship was awesome too. We are so blessed to have Christian believing family. We cheered (toasted) and had lots of laughs and fun. The guys talked a lot of theology and Liisa, Karissa and I played nerts! Thank you Kenny and Liisa and family! It is awesome to watch those girls, Kaila an Karissa, they work so hard and are a real blessing to their parents. Virtuous women with sweet spirits. The boys started making a movie outside after dinner. The twins loved being with Katrina, and Will and Levi had fun too...doing boy things I guess. I love them all!! It was a blast for me to hold Noah and change his little poopy diaper too. :)
Anna, Cassie, Ellie and Esther were all with mom on their special night for the middle girls...we missed them but I know they had a great time too. I will let them write about that!