Saturday, December 22, 2007

OBS playing at the Manor on Thursday

I have never seen William go that fast! What a nut huh. I think he didn't like Steve saying he really does not play...he showed us! :) We had fun, we have not performed for several months, so it was great to play again. Mom and dad came and watched...that is always wonderful!

All the kids with Grandpa Bob

Mailee and Murren singing for Grandpa Bob

Little Grandpa is not to well lately, but he can still throw out a joke or two. He has been such a wonderful Grandpa! He is now 91 years old. I know everyone that knows him knows he was always serving others and bringing us gas when my mom would ran out in Phoenix :)
God has been very merciful to him and he has never had any pains, up until this past few weeks. I pray that he would get to feeling better. Please keep him your prayers too.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Here is the speech the twins did.

Would you like a kitten? I don't know. I know, we could trade!”

One Kitten for Kristy

By Adelaide Holl

Kristy was a girl who had too many kittens. Kristy did not think so but her mother and father did.

You may keep just one kitten. You will have to give the rest of them away. We just can't have a house full of kittens.”

Kristy chose the roundest polka dot kitten for her own. She put the others in a basket and set it in her wagon. Then away she went Kristy with five kittens in her basket.

(Mrs. McGinty was sweeping her walk.)

What beautiful kittens!”

Would you like one? They are so sweet and cute!”

Indeed I would but you see, I have some goldfish. A kitten might eat the goldfish.”

Maybe we could trade my kitten for your goldfish.”

OK Kristy here you go! Two goldfish in a bowl.”

I will chose that beautiful kitten of snowball-white aw she is very pretty.”

Away went Kristy with FOUR kittens in her basket, and two goldfish in a bowl.

Kristy pulled her wagon quietly because she was coming up to Miss Murphy's house. Miss Murphy did not like squeaky wagons or noisy children.

Hello, Miss Murphy. I have some nice quite kittens to give away. Would you like one?”

Did you say quiet kittens? Let me see! Oh all the do is make a quiet purring sound. Wait!”

Miss Murphy went inside her house and came out with a parrot in a cage.

This is Skipper. A sea captain sent him to me. He sings the Sailor's Hornpipe. Would you like to trade a nice quiet kitten for a nice noisy parrot?”

Oh yes! I would love to trade a kitten for your parrot.

Miss Murphy how about this gray kitten?”

Away went Kristy down the street with THREE kittens in a basket, two goldfish in a bowl, and one green parrot in a cage.

Kristy saw Mr. Wiggins. At his fruit stand.”

Pesky mice! They keep nibbling my fruits and cheeses!”

What you need is a kitten. Cat's love to eat mice!”

I could use two kittens. These two midnight-black ones are perfect! Come Kristy come with me. Take your pick, we can trade.”

Puppies! I will chose this one. The one with the floppiest ears and the droopiest tail.”

Away went Kristy with ONE kitten in her basket, two goldfish in a bowl, one green parrot in a cage, and a wriggly brown puppy in a box.

Kristy saw Mrs. Green chasing a shiny black rooster.

Pesky rooster! I'm going to put you in the soup pot! Every morning he crows and wakes me up!”

Oh please don't! Give him to me and I will trade you with this little kitten.”

That is a fine idea. My little girl would love this striped kitten for her birthday tomorrow.”

She put the rooster in a crate for Kristy.

Away went Kristy with an empty basket, two goldfish in a bowl, one green parrot in a cage, a wriggly puppy in a box, and a shiny black rooster in a crate.

Kristy felt very happy and proud. When she got home she called,

Mother! Father! I found a home for every single kitten. I traded too! Aren't you glad?”

Will's speech.

“Here son, here's five loaves of bread and two case you get hungry.” “Thank you mommy. I can't wait to see Jesus! Bye!”

Based on a true story from John 6

One day long ago by the Sea of Galilee. Many people followed Jesus. A lot of them were sick and all of them were getting hungry.

Jesus- “Philip where can we buy bread, that these people may eat?”

Philip- “Oh Lord, lots and lots of money would not feed this many people!”

Boy- “Excuse me Sir. Excuse me, I have a little food that I would like to give you to eat. I think Jesus might be hungry.”

Andrew went to Jesus and said, “There is a little boy that wants to share his five loaves of bread and two fish. But that will not be enough for this many people!”

Jesus knew what to do.

Jesus- “Tell everyone to sit down. Thank you Father for what you given us today.” (Bless the bread and fish)

Jesus- “Pass these baskets out to the people.”

Everyone had so much to eat. They were so stuffed. They took the left overs and there was twelve baskets left full of food.

The boy was so happy that he shared and even more excited about seeing Jesus feed five thousand people with his five loaves of bread and two fish.

Always be willing to share and believe God will provide and He will.

William his first speech