Thursday, July 10, 2008

July Fourth 2008

Our day started off with going to Central Point to see the parade. Levi and Kolten are taking karate and they had a float. Waiting for the famous cousins on the float.

Ellie and Karissa did a great job holding up the sign!! WOW Cute too!
So why are Karissa and Ellie walking and these tough guys who do karate sitting and taking it easy on the float????? HA
Esther was running back and forth passing out papers and candy, I think, she was cute as can be also.

After the parade we headed over to Ashland to hear Alex play with the band Emy Phelps. He did an awesome job, it was wonderful.

After Emy Phelps was the High Lonesome Band...they are great! They asked Alex to come up and join them on a song, that was fun for him!! Back to Bluegrass!!!

Our Wonderful supportive family came to see Alex. What a blessing to have all the that love in the audience.
After the music Liisa took some of the kids to the creek behind the stage. It was hot so the kids loved that!

Fossil Bluegrass Festival

Wheeler Bluegrass Festival 2008Everyone LOVES Mason!
Jamming with friends, Dewgrass, Molly Adkins, Martin Stevens, Goldmans and more. It was so wonderful to see and hear Anna jamming with the banjo! She is getting sooooo good!! She sure loves to play, but she wants to learn more songs. I was proud of her.

More jamming late into the night...Playing with Green Mountain mandolin player Tyler

Jake, Collin and Alex

Band Scramble group....Mo (stands for mandolin orchestra) They won 1st place!!!

Counting the money they made, it was $107.00 WOW!!

Jamming more...oh my we love to jam!! All ages and all hours of the day at a bluegrass festival.

Thanks to Grandma Dot for taking us and making the driving enjoyable! We had a lot of fun!!! It was AWESOME to see the Dewgrass band again. We hope to go back next year to Fosssil, and Lord willing be a playing band in the list of bands!