Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Destiny!!

The Goldman Family Love's you Destiny!!!

(Above picture) In honor of Destiny's birthday I put on the Lady Jane picture. If you do not know this story it's amazing. Look it up...the queen for just 9 days. Or you can ask my sister Jodi she will tell you! :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Junior Speech '07

The humorous group! Are you laughing? You would have been if you saw their speeches. They all did awesome! Esther 3rd. Cassie 2nd and Emma 1st. Jared was amazing...I was so proud of all of them.
These kids did wonderful! Will was a little bit bummed he did not get a medal around his neck at the end but he had a super time. It's good to learn the lesson that you don't always win He did the best he could and he is looking to next time. :) He loved it.

The duo teams. Mailee and Murren got 3rd. place. Esther and Mercy got 2nd. Emma and Ellie got 1st. Levi and Drew did very good too. It was a great! Everyone did awesome. Mailee and Murren had never done this before so it was wonderful. They were not scared at all. They are looking forward to the next time as well! :)

Ellie is our niece. She got 1st place! She was in the dramatic group.

God is so good to bring us to this 'Clarion Forensics' speech club that the kids can learn how to speak clearly. I pray all that they learn would be used for His glory!!! here is the web page of our speech club group.