Monday, March 24, 2008


Here was a project the kids did. It's so great, I give them the book say do this experiment and boom they do! Smarty pants! We were studying rocks and Rome (don't they go together? ) Well it was a great unit study! We still are needing to have the Rome party, keep posted to see some pictures of that! :)
Collin reads the book and tell what is to be done! What a man!

Cassie does the pouring of the Epsom salt!

Anna will stir the ingredients!

As you can see in Cassie's face the smell was not that good! They did super....though the outcome a few days later was not as perfect as the book pictures, they still learned and had fun too.

Next we have another project!

Anna and Cassie did some really great volcanos for school the other day. Since it was Granny's birthday we set them off in honor of her! The girls did great! I love to homeschool! OK most of the time!! HA The fun stuff is awesome!

And lastly on my thoughts is AMO!

Today Amo (our cockatiel) has flown the coop and left the family. Really I sold her on craigslist. She chirped one to many times right in the middle of us recording our CD. She was a good bird....WELL, Steve hated her, and she really only liked me :) but it's quite around here tonight without her. Amo means 'love' in Latin, although there was little of that love in her....I know maybe she did not speak Latin! HA
Goodbye Amo. By the way this is Murren with Amo on her head. She did love to be on peoples heads should I tell you the ones she pooped on? Only a few. :)