Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle John!!

Uncle John........

Strong and mighty! And always looks better when standing by other John's

Smart and Inventive! Can fly a plane while not even in it! And can fix it when the wind or cactus grabs the plane.

Awesome with the Kids! They all love him, and he spends wonderful time with them.

Loves his wife! But who couldn't love Aunt Ginger?

Has a Very serious side! But not for too long that would be boring!

Smiles with his Sweet side! Though we know behind that sweet face he may be plotting something....a trick....a joke....we never know!

Teaches the kids....though some have gotten too good and the thumbs seem to be no longer in his favor!

He works hard! Fixing up the house, plumbing, cars, honey do list and more...even in the hot Arizona heat!

Knows when it's time to relax and spend time with man's best friend!!!! As well as take a snooze and rest an aching knee or two.

We just love the Guy!! Happy Birthday Great Uncle John!!

Happy Birthday Ellie!!!

Ellie----One of the funniest, kindest, sweetest young ladies around!! We love you so much Ellie! I can't wait to celebrate your birth (on New Years) You are always so loving and cheerful. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our family! December 2007

Twins---Murren and Mailee. 7 Years old and still lovin' each other.

All the girls. Anna, Cassie, Murren and Mailee.

Cassie Marie

Murren, Cassie and Mailee. Fancy new clothes from Grandma Dot.

We were on our way out to the last performance and I thought maybe we could get a more recent picture with the family. Well, this was it, looks just like the other one...oh dear! I think we need a person to pose us a little different way! :) They are cute anyway.