Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday William

We are so blessed to have William John in our family, and we want to wish him a happy 5th birthday! We love you Tuggers! You are the funniest guy around! We are proud of you...your reading, and your bike riding, your love for your Jesus and the way you take care of your new little brother Jebediah! You are so wonderful!!! Love you buddy!

Will loves his little brother Jeb!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaila!

Kaila is one of the neatest girls I know. What a heart, what a love for Christ and what a yearning she has to follow after purity! She is always amazing me with her knowledge and yet her humbleness too. I am so blessed that my kids have her as their cousin, she sets a great example for all the 30 grandkids! Wow, now she has a drivers license and is ready to hit the road....not! (at least not too far from home). I know she wants to bless her family and follow the wishes of her daddy in the years to come! She plays guitar wonderfully, and in our family that is a major smart thing and a total plus in life! HA She is wonderful all the way around!!!

Kaila have an awesome birthday, and may this year fill you more with His awesome love and grace. Love ya so much---

Cousin Esther came to visit!

Jeb was happy to see his cousin Esther, he thinks she is as great as I do. She helped me get him dressed and held him almost the whole time she was here. Well, she had to let Liisa hold him a minute...what a sweetie. He liked seeing all the other Anderson's too. Liisa brought over a delicious dinner.... meatballs and they were great! She sure knows how to cook! Of course Anna did her wonderful part and got them all ready for me! What wonderful people to have around. :)

Jebediah's doing great and life has never been better!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Family and cousins holding Jebediah

This boy is around tons of loving family members. He is sure blessed to enter the world of the AGK's who all have so much love to give him!

Grandpa Ken and Anna, a little while after Jeb was born.

Anna, she caught Jeb, she wants to be a midwife and I am sure she will do awesome as one!

Cassie holding Jeb, she did great in helping out at the birth and after.

Daddy and his confederate soilder Jebediah Victor! Jeb was named after 'Jeb Stuart' in the Confederate army. Victor is of course after three amazing men I know and love! Grandpa Taco/Grandpa Great, Uncle Kenny, and OK Cousin Kolten at least he thinks that :)

Mailee and Murren, loving on little brother!
Karissa my photographer for the birth, so glad she took the pictures.

Oldest Cousin Kaila holds youngest Jeb (well youngest born cousin)

David and Jeb...Anna watching to make sure he does good, and yep he was like a pro!

Destiny and Jeb

Birthday Boys!

My oldest and my youngest share the same birthday! April 27th...........that's 7 in our household of 10 people to be born on the 27th day of a month. Pretty funny.

Jebediah Victor was born on Alex's 15th birthday. God is so fun sometimes, Jeb was born at 12:00 a.m. just perfect to make his oldest brothers birthday. I think he will want to be like his big brother in many ways. At least I pray that he will. Alex is a blessing in so many ways. He is so kind and gentle to his little brothers and sisters. He is so patient when he teaches them fiddle, or plays with them. He is so willing to go outside and push Will on the swing or create some fun, new thing for the kids to do. God has been working huge in his life too. His love and knowledge of Jesus Christ is growing each day. Many times I am asking him what things mean or some big word. I know the Omnibus class that his Uncle Kenny is teaching has been life changing for him. We are so excited to see what God is doing and will do in Alex the older he gets. He is of course still getting better and better at his love, the fiddle! What a gift of music he has, and that I know he wants to use to glorify God Almighty.

Alex 15yrs. old

Jeb 1 day old.

What do I say about the birthday boy Jebediah? He is getting really good at nursing, and I say does want to do it all the time. :) Mom got him a pacifier and he loved it, our first child to ever take one. Just looking at him brings joy to my heart. He is a gift from God that will love dearly and are excited to see grow into a fine man of God!!