Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chess Tournament!

Here are all the cousins that played today! They all were awesome!! WINNERS!!! We were so proud of them.
Emma, Ellie, Jared, Devin, Collin, Murren, Kolten and David!!!!!! Great job you all!

Winners!!!! Kolten's trophy will have to be mailed he did get one (they just ran out).

Team chess club in that age group....won first place!!!

Devin and Collin tied for 1st place!!!!!

Collin....he won!!! Oh yeah...that's my boy!!!! :)

Ellie and Kolten. Can you tell Kolten is scared to death!!! HA! He won!

Ellie and Devin playing with the others.

Murren deep in thought! She did good! No trophy this time but did win some rounds, we are so proud of her anyway.

Everyone did tournament a great job today in the chess tournament! Most of them are qualified from todays wins to go to state! They are also qualified to go in a few weeks to a team chess tournament that their chess club won. They all had great attitudes and were sweet to the others.

On the way home I rented 'Searching for Bobby Fischer' It is a true story movie about a young amazing chess player. After that we all played nerts! It was a great evening. Really good because we got Steve and Alex to play nerts with us! What an awesome family I have!! I love each one of the kids and yep, all the cousins are super too! God is soooooooo great!!!!