Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cassie's Speech 2007

Mailee and Murren's Duo 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Birthday Cousins!

Mercy is one fun loving, sensitive, caring, joyful, sweet, fast talking (really fast talking) young virtuous lady! She gives great back massages and loves to have a good time....which I really appreciate. Mercy can go up to anyone and start a conversation and make everyone feel comfortable and at home. She does have the gift of Mercy and I can see the Heavenly Father working in her life as she grows. We are so blessed to have Mercy as our niece/cousin. Love you and Happy birthday!
The Goldman's third child, our oldest daughter and my right arm!! Anna, wow words can't express what you mean to us! A giving servant is not enough to say to describe her! Anna has such a gentle heart, meek spirit, she's loving sister, and true friend, and she never stop's helping me (mom) make dinner's or any other meal. Sometimes I look at her and am in awe that God had blessed us with such a sweetheart! She desires so much to have a closer walk with her Heavenly Father, she wants so much to tell others about God. It's so fun to talk to her, and hear how her heart is for those who don't know Jesus. She wants others to know that God is alive and real! Anna has grown up so much physically this year, yet she is still my little Honeybear!! We love you Anna. Happy Birthday to you, I am so glad you got your wish your ears pierced!!!! :)