Thursday, September 11, 2008

Uncle John and Aunt Ginger are HERE!

We are soooo excited that Uncle John and Aunt Ginger have come to visit us all the way from Arizona! The kids (mine as well as the cousins) love these two so very much. I know we will all be having a wonderful time with them these next several days.....we always do!
I am humbled, God has blessed us with such an amazing family, I love our family!! :)
Surely there will be posts soon of things we are all doing together with these two loved ones by many of the kids. Stay tuned! Well, unless we are too busy!!! HA
Anyway, I was thinking.....may God bless all the tight, close families out there. Although if you come from a family not so close, no worries ok, God can start, renew, restore or start a fresh! He is a great God and all things are possible. Just now love your family, the family. He has you born into a specific family for a reason...and you can make a difference...Good or Bad!