Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jeb outside pics


Anna and Jeb

Cassie, Anna and Jeb

Jeb and Collin

Thanks to Aunt Liisa (and Grandma Dot) Jeb has some very cute clothes. Liisa loaned me Noah's old clothes...he's so fun to dress up and take pictures of! He is growing up fast...ahhhhhhh. He is almost 4 weeks old. We are enjoying him every minute, I have found out time goes by very fast.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jeb was Baptized in the Covenant

Jeb was baptized this Sunday! What a blessing to know he is in the Covenant! Praise God we are so happy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Last night we played some music together!!! Oh the Joy! I (Tami) can reach my belly in the way! Praise God! Jeb sat next to me....not "in" me this time!
We were fatherless/gutairless for the beginning of the music time so that was funny. Steve was installing a swamp cooler we just got yesterday so it was a little different without the gutair but still it was fun. We figured we better learn how to play without him if he gets a job, and can't join us at the Growers Market this summer....we are all wanting to start going again to the Market and make a little extra spending cash for the kids. Steve did join us a little later, so that was nice!
Alex has been doing some amazing song writing lately. Alex really stretches Steve musical abilities in finding the chords to songs, and that is not that easy. Alex is writing "different stuff" well more complicated then the average 1,4,5 bluegrass songs! It's so awesome to see them work together and come up with an amazing tune! I just wait till they figure it out and then hand me over the chart for me to follow...shhhh don't tell them.
Last night Alex and Anna were working on a tune Anna started writing on the banjo, it's great too! God is really blessing these kids with the gift of music. I pray they use music always for His glory and His Kingdom on earth! I am so glad I get to listen to their music so much around the house :) I love it!