Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Twins!

Kaila and Anna made this very pretty and very YUMMY cake....thanks girls!

Today my little twins turn 8 years old! We are so blessed to have Mailee and Murren in our family. They bring such joy, laughter, love and surprise to the Goldman Family.
We had a great party yesterday for them. They were showered with many wonderful things. They were so happy (and still even now are excited)! They are going through their stuff, wearing new clothes. This morning they ran out as soon as they woke up to get their new Bibles so they could read them. Again thanks to all.

Mailee and Murren we love you soooooo much! Look to Christ as you grow and lean on Him as your comfort, strength and true love!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodbye Clouds

Parting is such sweet sorrow~ Saying goodbye to Uncle John and Aunt Ginger.....we miss them already.

Destiny, Anna and Grandpa Ken......they love him so much (we all do) He's the BEST!!!!

Aunt Ginger and Anna saying goodbye for now. Anna wont' grow anymore for Aunt Ginger's sake!! Love you both, drive safely home to Arizona and give our love to all the family there.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Life is movin' FAST! 2008

Alex still improves everyday on the fiddle....we are SOOOOOOOO blessed and proud of him! Plus this picture is really cool!

Friends from Grants Pass and Family from Washington play basketball with this big crazy family...."A.G.K." was great! (A.G.K. stands for Anderson, Goldman and Kruse...or America's Growing Kingdom)

Well, we have been playing at Nursing homes, Festivals and at the Eagle Point Library....our busy summer singing schedule is done! Although we have a few thing on the list up and coming. Great news our CD is close to being done too! Steve (daddy) has been working really hard!

Grandpa Ken serves up a beauty! He is awesome! Playing volleyball with all the cousins and the "Great" Clouds was the best! We have been loving having Aunt Ginger and Uncle John visit from Arizona for the past week or so!

Jeb thinks he old enough to sit up on his 4 months old!! ahhhh! Thanks to Emma who encouraged him at school (co-op school) he is doing it for a little while.

Daddy and Jebediah in their fancy clothes!!!! Oh yes, check out the bow ties and the red roses!!! Best of all please check out the smiles!!! My men are soooo CUTE!

OK, Jebediah really is sitting alone~amazing! But best of all he is in the Lighting Queen jammie outfit!!! William was so glad! Check Will's blog if you doubt he really likes McQueen :) !

School has been awesome....4 weeks down we are into our 5th week!! It's been so fun and rewarding! The kids are super!!! Jodi and Liisa are amazing teachers. We love the curriculum...Classical Conversations, Veritas Press, Shurley English, Latin, Saxon math and well ect. ect. ect, for the rest (Jodi picked it all out)! We are making memories and history (as well as brains) with these blessed children of ours!

God has been good...He has been Great...we are BLESSED!!!! May you be blessed too!