Saturday, June 21, 2008

Visiting Great Grandpa Bob

We went and saw Great Grandpa Bob, I grew up calling him "Big Grandpa" but Steve could not remember if he was big or little so he has taught the kids it's Grandpa Bob to keep it easy for him. Grandpa is 92 years old and still doing pretty good. The kids don't know him the way I knew him but they still like to go see him. Age is a strange thing, "getting older is no fun, but it's better than the alternative" which is a quote this Grandpa likes to say! He's funny. This was the first time he met Jeb, it was sweet.

Murren, Mailee, Jeb and Grandpa Bob

Mommy, Jeb and Grandpa Bob

Jebediah and his Great Grandpa Bob Cox

Anna and Grandpa Bob

Cassie Marie (Marie named after his wife, Marie Cox) and Grandpa Bob

Mailee, Grandpa Bob and Murren

Monday, June 16, 2008


Oh yes, everyone LOVES Grandma and Grandpa! The greatest grandparents these kids could ever wish for!!! Love, support, encouragement, joy, comfort and well, 1,000,000,000 other great qualities are all bound up in my mom and dad!!!! oh it's......David, Mom, Grandpa, Collin, and Alex in the picture.

We were blessed to have my big brother Troy down here for a few days and he met Jeb for the first time! That was great! Troy said he looks like the rest of the Goldman's and he's a keeper, we agree! HA We are excited to find out what Troy and Heather are going to have in November # 7 boy or girl for them. Hey, that means we should have to come up to Washington to visit them huh!! Oh yeah!! They have the Organic wine vineyard near them...I am coming! Well, not to mention terrific and awesome kids!!!

Big sister Murren Loves Jeb. And she is a cutie herself with those missing teeth of hers!

Everyone loves David! I know I do! I took David with is to the Green show on Saturday and he is so funny. When we got home the twins and Will ran out to greet us, so sweet! What an amazing man! God is going to use him huge! He also is getting to know some pretty awesome people too...Bob Burg and stuff!! Wow! Love you David. Keep up the studies, piano and the blog :)