Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Centennial Play Pictures

I know pictures have been posted of the remarkable Centennial Play...but remember there were 24 cousins and then 5 friends that were in this fabulous play!!! :) These are all out of order...but fun to see just the same! Enjoy! Any questions...well, just send them to Kaila!

Kaila preparing the herd!!!

Destiny was a beautiful star....they all did all did amazing!!!

Liisa doing makeup on Levi...make daddy proud extra blush and lipstick for that boy! :)

Josh, Karissa, Emma, Kaila and Destiny (I was so happy Kaila was in the play...after all she wrote the whole thing!)

Getting ready...HAIR is very important and hairspray even more!!! When I walked into that bathroom the fumes were sooo strong. One spark and they would all have been blackened!!!
Karissa, Mercy, Ellie, Destiny, Murren and Mailee.

Cassie Marie before the play.....nervous...nope?

Mommy and Jeb....hard to see but he has the frills on his shirt that all the boys have! Someone asked before the play "how old is she!!!" AHHHH!!! Granny and the girls did a ton of sewing for this event!

Emma, Josh, Destiny and Creighton.

Behind the scenes, (well so to say) Steve, Carla and Dylan doing sound and lights.

The Minuet dance of Cassie, Mercy and Esther

After the play.....Katrina and Mailee Lynn

Just a picture...none of these are in sad!
Tessa, Destiny, Emma, Ellie, Anna and Alex

Alex and Collin playing
"Hop the Fence" Chris Thile....during a scene change.

Collin....the perfect fit, his old fashioned outfit and the mandolin. It was a great tune him and Alex played together!

Pastor his Awesome mini sermon before the play!!

My two big boys arguing...ahhhhh

The fight scene....Travis said he wished there was more...but one death is enough.
OK I cried on the practices, and the real play...every time!

This was very neat....Tait and Alex....impromptu music it was awesome!

Tessa, David, Anna and Alex...the table scene...or something like that. :)

Alex....doing his "easy part" for the play

The song America the Beautiful

Drummers for the opening song....Jonathan, Levi, Jared and William