Sunday, December 30, 2007

Singing to Uncle John

We did not get the chance to call Great Uncle John and sing happy birthday ( because it was too late on his birthday to call, this morning he was at church, and this evening we were at church) so here you go Uncle John! We all love and miss you lots sorry it's late!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle John!!

Uncle John........

Strong and mighty! And always looks better when standing by other John's

Smart and Inventive! Can fly a plane while not even in it! And can fix it when the wind or cactus grabs the plane.

Awesome with the Kids! They all love him, and he spends wonderful time with them.

Loves his wife! But who couldn't love Aunt Ginger?

Has a Very serious side! But not for too long that would be boring!

Smiles with his Sweet side! Though we know behind that sweet face he may be plotting something....a trick....a joke....we never know!

Teaches the kids....though some have gotten too good and the thumbs seem to be no longer in his favor!

He works hard! Fixing up the house, plumbing, cars, honey do list and more...even in the hot Arizona heat!

Knows when it's time to relax and spend time with man's best friend!!!! As well as take a snooze and rest an aching knee or two.

We just love the Guy!! Happy Birthday Great Uncle John!!

Happy Birthday Ellie!!!

Ellie----One of the funniest, kindest, sweetest young ladies around!! We love you so much Ellie! I can't wait to celebrate your birth (on New Years) You are always so loving and cheerful. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our family! December 2007

Twins---Murren and Mailee. 7 Years old and still lovin' each other.

All the girls. Anna, Cassie, Murren and Mailee.

Cassie Marie

Murren, Cassie and Mailee. Fancy new clothes from Grandma Dot.

We were on our way out to the last performance and I thought maybe we could get a more recent picture with the family. Well, this was it, looks just like the other one...oh dear! I think we need a person to pose us a little different way! :) They are cute anyway.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

OBS playing at the Manor on Thursday

I have never seen William go that fast! What a nut huh. I think he didn't like Steve saying he really does not play...he showed us! :) We had fun, we have not performed for several months, so it was great to play again. Mom and dad came and watched...that is always wonderful!

All the kids with Grandpa Bob

Mailee and Murren singing for Grandpa Bob

Little Grandpa is not to well lately, but he can still throw out a joke or two. He has been such a wonderful Grandpa! He is now 91 years old. I know everyone that knows him knows he was always serving others and bringing us gas when my mom would ran out in Phoenix :)
God has been very merciful to him and he has never had any pains, up until this past few weeks. I pray that he would get to feeling better. Please keep him your prayers too.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Here is the speech the twins did.

Would you like a kitten? I don't know. I know, we could trade!”

One Kitten for Kristy

By Adelaide Holl

Kristy was a girl who had too many kittens. Kristy did not think so but her mother and father did.

You may keep just one kitten. You will have to give the rest of them away. We just can't have a house full of kittens.”

Kristy chose the roundest polka dot kitten for her own. She put the others in a basket and set it in her wagon. Then away she went Kristy with five kittens in her basket.

(Mrs. McGinty was sweeping her walk.)

What beautiful kittens!”

Would you like one? They are so sweet and cute!”

Indeed I would but you see, I have some goldfish. A kitten might eat the goldfish.”

Maybe we could trade my kitten for your goldfish.”

OK Kristy here you go! Two goldfish in a bowl.”

I will chose that beautiful kitten of snowball-white aw she is very pretty.”

Away went Kristy with FOUR kittens in her basket, and two goldfish in a bowl.

Kristy pulled her wagon quietly because she was coming up to Miss Murphy's house. Miss Murphy did not like squeaky wagons or noisy children.

Hello, Miss Murphy. I have some nice quite kittens to give away. Would you like one?”

Did you say quiet kittens? Let me see! Oh all the do is make a quiet purring sound. Wait!”

Miss Murphy went inside her house and came out with a parrot in a cage.

This is Skipper. A sea captain sent him to me. He sings the Sailor's Hornpipe. Would you like to trade a nice quiet kitten for a nice noisy parrot?”

Oh yes! I would love to trade a kitten for your parrot.

Miss Murphy how about this gray kitten?”

Away went Kristy down the street with THREE kittens in a basket, two goldfish in a bowl, and one green parrot in a cage.

Kristy saw Mr. Wiggins. At his fruit stand.”

Pesky mice! They keep nibbling my fruits and cheeses!”

What you need is a kitten. Cat's love to eat mice!”

I could use two kittens. These two midnight-black ones are perfect! Come Kristy come with me. Take your pick, we can trade.”

Puppies! I will chose this one. The one with the floppiest ears and the droopiest tail.”

Away went Kristy with ONE kitten in her basket, two goldfish in a bowl, one green parrot in a cage, and a wriggly brown puppy in a box.

Kristy saw Mrs. Green chasing a shiny black rooster.

Pesky rooster! I'm going to put you in the soup pot! Every morning he crows and wakes me up!”

Oh please don't! Give him to me and I will trade you with this little kitten.”

That is a fine idea. My little girl would love this striped kitten for her birthday tomorrow.”

She put the rooster in a crate for Kristy.

Away went Kristy with an empty basket, two goldfish in a bowl, one green parrot in a cage, a wriggly puppy in a box, and a shiny black rooster in a crate.

Kristy felt very happy and proud. When she got home she called,

Mother! Father! I found a home for every single kitten. I traded too! Aren't you glad?”

Will's speech.

“Here son, here's five loaves of bread and two case you get hungry.” “Thank you mommy. I can't wait to see Jesus! Bye!”

Based on a true story from John 6

One day long ago by the Sea of Galilee. Many people followed Jesus. A lot of them were sick and all of them were getting hungry.

Jesus- “Philip where can we buy bread, that these people may eat?”

Philip- “Oh Lord, lots and lots of money would not feed this many people!”

Boy- “Excuse me Sir. Excuse me, I have a little food that I would like to give you to eat. I think Jesus might be hungry.”

Andrew went to Jesus and said, “There is a little boy that wants to share his five loaves of bread and two fish. But that will not be enough for this many people!”

Jesus knew what to do.

Jesus- “Tell everyone to sit down. Thank you Father for what you given us today.” (Bless the bread and fish)

Jesus- “Pass these baskets out to the people.”

Everyone had so much to eat. They were so stuffed. They took the left overs and there was twelve baskets left full of food.

The boy was so happy that he shared and even more excited about seeing Jesus feed five thousand people with his five loaves of bread and two fish.

Always be willing to share and believe God will provide and He will.

William his first speech

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Esther the Birthday Girl and Cassie

Above: Cassie and Esther are close in age and close friends.
Below: Cassie, Mercy and Esther, cousins and all so cute together in the girls playhouse (the old chicken coop).

This is a few days late but Happy Birthday anyway Esther!! We are soooooo blessed to have you in our family! The Goldman's love you a million times over. I wish we could have bought the whole jewelry store for you, but not this year...hey maybe next birthday!
It has been awesome to see Esther grow up into a loving, honoring, sweet, gentle, smart and virtuous women. We love you Esther!! Happy Belated Birthday. We had a great time at your party, all you girls looked wonderful in your fancy dresses.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cassie's Speech 2007

Mailee and Murren's Duo 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Birthday Cousins!

Mercy is one fun loving, sensitive, caring, joyful, sweet, fast talking (really fast talking) young virtuous lady! She gives great back massages and loves to have a good time....which I really appreciate. Mercy can go up to anyone and start a conversation and make everyone feel comfortable and at home. She does have the gift of Mercy and I can see the Heavenly Father working in her life as she grows. We are so blessed to have Mercy as our niece/cousin. Love you and Happy birthday!
The Goldman's third child, our oldest daughter and my right arm!! Anna, wow words can't express what you mean to us! A giving servant is not enough to say to describe her! Anna has such a gentle heart, meek spirit, she's loving sister, and true friend, and she never stop's helping me (mom) make dinner's or any other meal. Sometimes I look at her and am in awe that God had blessed us with such a sweetheart! She desires so much to have a closer walk with her Heavenly Father, she wants so much to tell others about God. It's so fun to talk to her, and hear how her heart is for those who don't know Jesus. She wants others to know that God is alive and real! Anna has grown up so much physically this year, yet she is still my little Honeybear!! We love you Anna. Happy Birthday to you, I am so glad you got your wish your ears pierced!!!! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Destiny!!

The Goldman Family Love's you Destiny!!!

(Above picture) In honor of Destiny's birthday I put on the Lady Jane picture. If you do not know this story it's amazing. Look it up...the queen for just 9 days. Or you can ask my sister Jodi she will tell you! :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Junior Speech '07

The humorous group! Are you laughing? You would have been if you saw their speeches. They all did awesome! Esther 3rd. Cassie 2nd and Emma 1st. Jared was amazing...I was so proud of all of them.
These kids did wonderful! Will was a little bit bummed he did not get a medal around his neck at the end but he had a super time. It's good to learn the lesson that you don't always win He did the best he could and he is looking to next time. :) He loved it.

The duo teams. Mailee and Murren got 3rd. place. Esther and Mercy got 2nd. Emma and Ellie got 1st. Levi and Drew did very good too. It was a great! Everyone did awesome. Mailee and Murren had never done this before so it was wonderful. They were not scared at all. They are looking forward to the next time as well! :)

Ellie is our niece. She got 1st place! She was in the dramatic group.

God is so good to bring us to this 'Clarion Forensics' speech club that the kids can learn how to speak clearly. I pray all that they learn would be used for His glory!!! here is the web page of our speech club group.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Playing outside

It was a joy having Breanna and Savannah over at our house for two days. They had a blast together. I think they spent 97% of the time outside in the girls playhouse. It is such a blessing having the sweetest nieces and nephews in the world!! Praise God for that!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Mom or better known as "Grandma Dot" had her 60th birthday yesterday. Along with her granddaughter Kaylee, who turned 1. It was a great party! All the 29 (we are having #30) of her Grandkids love her so dearly. She is the best mother/Grandma we could ever hope for. Thanks for being the BEST mom and Grandma ever!!!! And WE love you very much too Kaylee.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is good!

Friday, November 9, 2007

We love you Liisa!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

William John!

Steve has been working on a logo for us. We are going to get a banner made to put up when we perform at the market or other places. My dad said we need one and he is the brains behind well as the helping us get it financially :) We are stuck on a motto though. Any ideas? Something short and sweet. The Goldman Family has no sad! HA Well, the kids are still doing great anyway, motto or not! 'SMILE'. The twins are working on a new song, and Anna is getting better and better on that banjo. Cassie is still learning from Alex, he is an awesome teacher. He just needs more time. He's so busy (in a great way) with Omnibus. Collin of course is always getting better without practicing much...stinker.

"The Incredible Will" William is so full of life, a joy and a blessing to our whole family! Yesterday the midwife came over for my checkup. He ran in and told Steve the baby lady is here. He is very excited to see the new baby (seems like forever away but I know it will come sometime). Will said a few day ago, when the baby comes I will share my toys and teach it play with me. How sweet huh. It will be awesome to see all the kids with a new baby.
It has been sooooo long....4 years! Crazy!

P.S The appointment went great with the midwife...but she was bad and did not tell me I was having twins. Well, can't win them all! HA! Baby is growing and we are praising God for the blessing!! Everyone is excited! Just waiting.....and waiting.....and waiting..... :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Anna and Murrren

Just a cute picture of Anna and Murren. I am not sure who took it. But that was the day my camera was missing! The girls found it a few days ago in their playhouse. Gotta love them!! I do!! Look real close and see Anna has a snake in her hands. Does the picture still look cute HA! It was a little snake.

God has been awesome to our family, as always. We are blessed and healthy. We are all looking forward to Thanksgiving and the Troy ANDERSON family coming down!!!!! Yipppeee!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy B-day Emma

Even all muddy, messy and wet she is absolutely beautiful!! Happy Birthday Emma the Goldman Family loves you VERY MUCH!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Barn Dance

We had a great time at the speech club barn dance last night! It was wonderful to see the kids dance and smile and enjoy themselves. I got to dance with Steve and William!! Yeah! Steve danced with all his girls at different times. What a blessing to have such a neat dad for the girls. One who will get out on the dance floor and have a great time with his little princesses! Will was so funny, I loved dancing with him! He got into the "Heel toe, heel toe, shuffle across the floor" Or something like that (he can quote it right). Alex danced with Anna and all the others danced too. It was fun.

Before the barn dance we went and played at the Growers markert in Grants Pass too. We have not been there for over a month. It was good to see all our old vender friends and get some yummy treats, for free. It's always awesome to play for people and see them smile and be amazed at how good the kids are! It was a busy day we left home at 9:00 a.m. and got home about 11:00 p.m. but it was fun!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sabbath Meal With Anderson Family

We had an awesome time last night at the Kenny Anderson's house. They invited us over for their Sabbath feast. And it was a feast! Kenny did some awesome sermons a while back on the importance of the sabbath in his series of The Ten Commandments. So, they have been really faithful to make each Saturday night a special Sabbath meal and honor Jesus Christ together. I loved to be a part of that with them last night. The food was awesome! Steak, salad, bread, green beans, stuffed potatoes, sparkling cider (or wine if old enough or not pregnant HA) then brownies and ice-cream with chocolate or caramel syrup on top. The fellowship was awesome too. We are so blessed to have Christian believing family. We cheered (toasted) and had lots of laughs and fun. The guys talked a lot of theology and Liisa, Karissa and I played nerts! Thank you Kenny and Liisa and family! It is awesome to watch those girls, Kaila an Karissa, they work so hard and are a real blessing to their parents. Virtuous women with sweet spirits. The boys started making a movie outside after dinner. The twins loved being with Katrina, and Will and Levi had fun too...doing boy things I guess. I love them all!! It was a blast for me to hold Noah and change his little poopy diaper too. :)
Anna, Cassie, Ellie and Esther were all with mom on their special night for the middle girls...we missed them but I know they had a great time too. I will let them write about that!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Kids had a great time at the coast!

The whole group!
Collin and Kolten, all in a days fun at the beach! Wet and cold.
Mailee and Murren....Murren was on her tip toes. She is a little taller than Maille, but not that much.
Murren and Grandma Dot! Everyone loves Grandma Dot!!!
Alex and Hugh...I guess he is either going to punch Alex or he is telling him to be tough!
Worship time was a great ending to the day. Thanking God the Creator for all the beauty and fun. Alex just happened to have his fiddle with him..(as always) so he joined Mr. Sleadd and Tate.
Alexa, Destiny and Karissa...friends at the beach.

This was a great climbing rock! Mailee and Murren loved the top....but Grandma Dot was not to happy seeing them there.
Mercy, Anna and Abigail feeding the birds!

I know these pictures are a bit late, but I guess better late than never.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Girls!

Today Mailee and Murren turned 7 years old!
I love you girls you are a blessing from the Lord!
More said on my blog....Mommy :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Boys with Ida Viper

We made it home safe!

We had a great time at the festival! It was cold at night but the daytime was not too bad. It was great to play and we did sell DVD's yippee.
Another great thing was the boys got to join a really good band Ida Viper, for three songs on their set (see picture above). The band came up to us after we performed and said they thought it was a CD playing when we first started. They really liked the boys. They played more swing style stuff, so that was a real blast for the boys! Collin learned new chords real quick, they again were surprised. God is great to give the boys these opportunities! It was so neat to watch Collin, he was really enjoying the swing style, and Smiling!!!! We all know that is amazing! HA! Alex was having fun too, it was late when they played around 11:30p.m...but worth it for sure.

Collin in his "band". They one 1st place in the band scramble's fun. These people get 30 min to come up with a band name, figure out 2 songs to play, and make it sound well practiced. It's fun to watch.
Cassie's band, in the band scramble. They got 2nd. place! All because of her...LOL