Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Kolten!

What a great guy this Kolten is...."Everybody loves him, nobody hates him, guess he's really cool"!!! :) It's true-- he is fun, sweet, always willing to give a great hug, and funny as can be (reminds me of a mix between Kenny and Jason, really a bit more like Jason). Now that's gotta be a really cool person!
May the Lord bless you Kolten and continue to lead you down the straight and narrow way. Your sisters are lucky to have you around to keep them safe and happy. You are sooo awesome at playing your hammered dulcimer....I can't wait to see your new one that you are getting, how exciting! We had fun at your party tonight.
Kolten we all love you tons and are soooo glad you are our nephew/cousin! Happy Birthday

Do you all love the 'bright light antlers' above Kolten? HA I guess he had a bright idea.?!